We only offer group camping. The campgrounds are located on the ridges above the Elkhorn Main Lodge region; a 15-minute walk away. In the campgrounds, automobiles are not permitted and these regions are exclusively for backpacking; we have a parking lot close by virtually all of the campsites, as well as facilities to park trucks so they can unload and reload only.

Wilderness camping is only for the brave and daring backcountry hiker – this isn’t KOA-style camping. Many of our guests pick remote mountain locations rather than developed campsites. nThere are no facilities or people to bother you. Campers are responsible for all of the dangers associated with early-day mountain living, such as steep paths and rich biodiversity.

There is parking available at the Lodge, as well as a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and other bathing facilities. You will need to bring your own sleeping bags and pads, and we recommend you bring a flashlight too. No cars are allowed in the camp area, but there is some limited parking available nearby. During our busiest times transport to the campsite is provided via party truck. Water supplies and porta-potties are included . Unfortunately we cannot accept any check-ins after dark.

For current rates, please visit our pricing page.