Elkhorn’s Huck Finn Trout Pond is perfect for the smaller anglers; typically, the fish kids will catch here are their first. The pond contains Rainbow Trout that are stocked after Spring run-off ends, which is around early June. These fish measure from 10 to 16 inches and make a tasty meal–all thanks to Elkhorn’s location near the river whose water Temperature normally remains about 10-15 degrees colder than on the Front Range. By late Fall, these 10″ trout often reach 12-14″!

Fishing permits aren’t necessary, and all you need is a fishing rod (bamboo Huck Finn poles are provided). Our team will bait the hooks, land the fish, and then give cleaning instructions so that the kids can learn these skills.

Adults generally fish the Fall River, which runs alongside the Trout Pond. The Autumn River is famous for producing some of the biggest fish caught each year, including rainbows and browns. It’s also a fantastic river to flyfish in late summer, when our ‘fishing’ guests practice catch-and-release fishing every morning and afternoon with great results; they usually follow a catch-and-release policy.

When it is not reserved for specific events, Elkhorn visitors frequently have their children catch the fish and enjoy family picnics around the Huck Finn Trout Pond Pavilion, which is near to the resort’s picnic areas.