Huck Finn Trout Pond

The Huck Finn Trout Pond is perfect for any child that wants to go fishing. They are almost always guaranteed a catch with the help of our staff. If they’re interested, we’ll even teach them how to clean their fish after they’ve caught it. You have the option of grilling your fish on one of our BBQs or request for us to prepare it as part of your evening meal.

The first fish caught by many of the youngsters may be the pond. The Pond’s water levels are in keeping with those of the Fall River; if water levels are too high or low, fishing may be halted to protect life and property.

The Huck Finn Trout Pond Pavilion is available for Elkhorn vacationers to picnic, grill their fish, and just plain laze about. BBQs and picnic tables are provided.

The Pavilion may be hired for private parties, informal gatherings, and/or seminar purposes. The surrounding area of the Pavilion falls within the Fall River; this is a popular location for outdoor weddings since the Pavilion is reserved for wedding dinners.