Man Mountain

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime ascent to Man Mountain, Colorado’s oldest sacred peak, with a documented history of 10,000 years. Elkhorn guests are allowed on the routes leading to Man Mountain, and we typically have over 1,000 hikers reach the top every summer; the round trip takes from 1 to 3 hours depending on individual hikers.

We urge all big groups to attempt this novice climb, including family reunions, wedding parties, conference and seminar groups.For most people, it will be the first time they actually conquer a mountain that is truly challenging. This can be an event they never thought possible and remember for the rest of their lives–an accomplishment worth recounting again and again throughout their lifetime.

Man Mountain is one of three known vision-quest locations in Colorado, and it’s said to be the state’s oldest and biggest. Elkhorn has a brief on Man Mountain’s history!

The hike will teach you fundamental hiking and mountain climbing skills, but it also goes beyond that. When people do this hike in a group, they learn how to support each other and move at the pace of the slowest person. This is an invaluable life lesson that has been confirmed by many people who have done the hike in a group setting.

We try to bring groups of engaged couples planning their wedding at Elkhorn Beach in the summer to the Man Mountain peak; they’ll entice their guests to come along while they deal with wedding arrangements. Our visitors frequently return almost every week to climb the Man Mountain summit – it’s a fantastic way to get some exercise, make wonderful memories, and enjoy nature.