Trail Rides

Elkhorn Stables provides spectacular horses, wranglers, and the most historically significant treks in the Estes Park area. We provide a variety of horseback activities ranging from introductory trek to breakfast and steak dinner rides for those who aren’t seasoned riders. For average cowboys, we provide an enjoyable one-hour ride (see pricing here) that will take you through some beautiful scenery. To get to the National Park from Elkhorn’s Base Camp and Horse Hotel, you may back your horses.

Many people’s first experience with a horse is at Elkhorn Ranch, whether it be riding or falling in love with the animal. The trail system here is also significant as it features Man Mountain, a Native American sacred site for vision quests.

Elkhorn Stables provides and recommends helmets for young cowboys. All people riding our horses require a waiver of liability. Doubles riding is acceptable, as well as single riding with lessons.

Trail Ride Times

Hourly Rides: These rides leave every hour on the hour and don’t require a reservation; it’s usually ‘first come, first serve.’

Breakfast Ride: Start your day off with a 7 AM ride to Elkhorn’s mountain-top campsite. This includes pancakes, eggs, bacon, juice and cowboy coffee while enjoying the stunning views of Estes Valley and Beaver Mountain. You’ll be back at 9AM.

Evening Steak Rides – Departs at 6:00 PM for an open fire cookout. This includes a 10 oz. steak of your choice, as well as a full cowboy menu, at our mountain campsite. This trip will return around 9:00 p.m.

A multi-day ride depending on the snow conditions is a full day journey that includes a picnic lunch and two snacks. Some trails require a 14-hour travel time. Only skilled riders should attempt this trip.