Food Services

We offer breakfast in the Main Lodge Dining Room or, when weather permits, a continental breakfast at our poolside Courtyard Pavilion during summer months (June-August). Unless we have a special group request, we do not serve lunch. The evening meal is normally limited to the HayLoft where you can enjoy steaks, trout, Chef’s specialities and kiddy-burgers.

Elkhorn’s Main Lodge Dining Room, Ballroom, Banquet area, and HayLoft all serve food for groups.

With the exception of our Main Lodge Dining Room, all of our food is catered from that very same kitchen. In addition to this, our skilled kitchen staff routinely caters foods for group picnics at both Huck Finn Trout Pond Pavilion and Elkhorn Mountain Summit for breakfast during the steak dinner trail rides. We’re proud to say that we can provide food services at just about any location on our expansive 68 acres. For catering orders large enough to require it, we have the same Executive Chef who’s been with us preparing meals for over ten years now!

Over the last five years, the only complaint we’ve ever received was that we ran out of food (that doesn’t imply we created a lesser amount; it simply implies that certain groups can eat far more than the recommended 125% portion/person guideline). Every group dinner has always resulted in our guests complimenting us on the quality of the cuisine.

Many people ask us to cater their weddings, so we have created a wedding menu with different meal options and prices. This can also be helpful when planning group functions, like corporate events or family gatherings.