Group Functions

The Elkhorn offers a one-of-a-kind location for seminars, conferences, reunions, and retreats since there is no other hotel with a capacity of over 200 that allows guests to walk downtown and take part in a wide range of activities such as trail rides, fishing, food, meeting places, hiking & cycling without having to load up in cars or buses; all are practically at the Elkhorn’s front door.

Elkhorn has had groups from diverse backgrounds use its facilities. The largest group in recent years, the School of Innovators, comes regularly and has done so for 10 years.

In the past, we have had The Western Art Show as a repeat group function, along with multiple ‘Old Car’ groups, U.S. Marshall’s Mounted group; and Corporate groups from companies such as Cisco Systems, Yahoo, Level 3, and more local businesses.

Various church and youth-oriented organizations, including the Cedar Fall’s Caravan, youth groups from the annual ‘Youth for Christ’ organized by Colorado State University that draws over 10,000 attendees each year, as well as various Boy’s Clubs, the Scouts, and others have all returned repeatedly to Elkhorn.